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Check zookeeper service status

One other way would be to use 4 letter commands to validate if zookeeper service is healthy or not

#Tests if server is running in a non-error state. 
#The server will respond with imok if it is running. Otherwise it will not respond at all.
echo ruok | nc <zookeeper ip> 2181

#Lists statistics about performance and connected clients.
echo stat | nc <zookeeper ip> 2181

#New in 3.3.0: 
#Lists full details for the server.
echo srvr | nc localhost 2181

#New in 3.4.0: 
#Outputs a list of variables that could be used for monitoring the health of the cluster.
echo mntr | nc <zookeeper ip> 2181

#New in 3.4.0:
#Tests if server is running in read-only mode. 
#The server will respond with "ro" if in read-only mode or "rw" if not in read-only mode.
echo isro | nc <zookeeper ip> 2181

More details on the documentation link below


Zookeeper process is running

You can also use the following script to check if the server is running:

$ZK_INSTALL_DIR/bin/ status