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How to get free SSL certificate for my website ?

5 years back if anyone had asked me whether  SSL is necessary ? I would have suggested him , Brother ! if you are willing to waste your hard earned money, please get a BEER ! :p

But nowadays situation has been changed. Why ? because now you could get SSL certificates from Trusted Authority at not more $0? So my today’s post is dedicated to how to get free certificates for your website.

Till today’s date, two best way for requesting free certificates for your websites would be :

  1. Let’s Encrypts
  2. CloudFlare

Configuring Let’s Encrypt

Actually i am feeling too lazy to document the process of configuring Let’s Encrypt. But below I’m listing some really good article that could get you to configure  LE for your site.


Please Note, You would require sudo access to the server for configuring Let’s Encrypt. So if using shared hosting please consult your SysAdmin.

Configuring CloudFlare

To get Free SSL from cloudflare, first step is to replace your current namespace with CloudFlare Namespace. Thats All ! After that you are eligible for  “Single Click SSL” from Cloudflare.

Cloudflare provide three basic type of SSL configuration : Flexible, Full, Strict.

If your base site doesn’t have any preconfigured SSL certificate, you need to select Flexible SSL.